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Western Men's Magazine

You now have the opportunity to advertise yourself to sincere, marriage-minded women from all over the world (Russia and CIS countries, Asian and Latin countries). Our printed publication will be delivered to the women, on a monthly basis, who are interested in meeting a special man for friendship, love and possibly marriage.

Click to go to AFA Western Men's Magazine

Place your ad on any media in Riga, Latvia!

Now, you can place your ad on any magazines, news paper or even TV in Riga and any city in Latvia. You don't even have to fly to Riga and go to the publication houses. We will do it for you.

Click to go to Inquiry.

It's only $50 plus actual cost of a media. Please contact us at MysticCafe@apollo.lv for the detail.

2002 Romance Tours were great success.
Everybody ended up with someone. 

Have you found the paradise yet?

Riga is a hidden treasure, mystic paradise, place to be. It's a beautiful place where such highly concentrated of pretty women actually exist. Once you step in, you will never want to leave. The most of the men come to Mystic Cafe either ends up with having an apartment of his own or just keeps coming back. One thing I can say is that it's real. Don't miss out the spring romance tour. Click the pictures to see how it will be.

Female members of Mystic Cafe are so excited about meeting men from the US, UK, Europe, and Japan. Many men write to the women of Mystic Cafe but 90% of them never visit Riga to meet the women. Every woman on the thumbnails is still very available, hoping for a nice man to visit her and charms her away to his world.
See some pictures from the last year
Spring and Fall  Romance Tours!

Mystic Cafe
In Association with A Foreign Affair
7320 N Dreamy Draw Drive
Phoenix, Arizona 85020
(602) 553-8178
FAX (602) 468-1119
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