The Latvian court found her guilty as charged!   Crinimal Code 179. section 1

  Verdict: Guilty

Criminal's name: Endija Velkere                  Alias: Andy

Crime: Theft

Age: 25

Profession: scam and con artist

Other remarks: scams, lies, & deceits

Endija Velkere has been found criminally guilty as charged and sentenced as a thief by the Latvian District Court.

After the Latvian Police Criminal Department took her to the police station for investigation in January 2004, they filed a serious charge against her as a thief.
Through out the entire period of investigations, she kept telling lies to the prosecutors and delivered a threat note to the victim. She also harassed the victim by sending a SMS note to dismiss the case. When she found out it was impossible, she hired an attorney to create a false statement against the victim. All her lies that she and her dirty attorney couldn't stand before the excellent Latvian judge at the court.

The high quality Latvian justice system was strong and worked really well. All the prosecutors who were involved in this case were well trained, right-to-the-point, highly educated professionals. They analyzed the case precisely and handle it without any corruption. They are as good as, if not better than, any other EU member countries, despite what Endija Velkere claims as the Latvian government agencies are corrupted. Even the US justice system has a lot to learn and to improve, compared to the Latvian justice system. Velkare has been a criminal and that's why she had been criticizing the well organized Latvian government agencies. Velkare's skilled and calculated lies and technique made her one of the worst scams in Riga. Her cold blooded personality let her and her corrupted attorney kept telling lies in the court. She has been telling lies to many people, scamming an apartment, money, expensive foreign trips, hotel expenses, gifts and presents, odd jobs, and so on.  A FBI claim also has been filed in the US besides the Latvian criminal case. She will never be able to go to the countries that require her a visa.

If you have any claims against Endija Velkere (Andy) or have any accusation against her, please contact Latvian Police Criminal Department.
If you think you had been scammed by her, please contact us at We will let the police know and help you to take her to the court for her other crimes.

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