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Live Schedule

Mon. - Sat.,
10 am to 7 pm ;
Sun., Closed
during the Winter season

English Class:
5 pm to 6 pm, Tuesdays
5 pm to 6 pm, Thursdays

(Indicated in the Latvian Time:  10 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time; 7 hours ahead of Eastern Time; 2 hour ahead of GMT)

Live from Riga

Invite the woman of your dreams to the private dining room. Watch and talk to her in person privately, live . . .   Click Here 

Click to watch the video clips

# 15811
# 16262
# 16072
# 19144
# 22230
# 18812
# 16812
at socials

Please give a few minutes to download the videos to watch. You need Media Player to watch both the live and recorded videos. If you don't have Media Player in your computer, please download and install it now. See the below on this page.

The wall camera at the cafe in Riga comes on and off spontaneously, while no one orders the live video. Please allow a minute or so to connect and download the live pictures. When the screen becomes black, please just stay on. It takes time but will start.

When you order a live video, the camera in the private dining room will be switched on. You can watch a woman of your dreams by going to the private room. Just click on the Private Room on the left bar.

Do you have Window Media Player installed in your computer? To check, just click the above Cafe picture. If you have it, you can see the Media Player logo. If not download it now.

* Click to download     



Tel: 310-399-5096
Fax: 310-396-3503
171 Pier Ave. #259
Santa Monica, CA 90405


Tel: (Country Code 371) 721-2669
Cel: (Country Code 371) 950-5658
Vecpilsetas 3 Suite #2, Riga