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Coming soon!
Brand new Mystic Cafe will be reopen soon with more new women and new things. The new cafe will be based in Japan and will be biligual. You will be enjoying more different destinations for new romance tours.

Be prepare!
Winter is almost there. Brand new Mystic cafe will be open soon with new female members and new destinations for romance tours including Russia, East Europe, South America, and Asia. Get ready for a brand new relationship!
we are making complete make over on Mystic Cafe site!
Mystic Cafe will have a new look very soon. You will have more ways to meet new women of the world. You will have more options of different countries. When it reopens, you will have a few ways to meet our new female memebers in different countires. You will also have a couple of option of languages.
Experience the time of your life! coming soon!
Click on Women's Thumbnails on the left or top navigation bars. Just pick a woman you like to meet. Send her an invitation to our Live Private Dining Room for a dinner or casual drinks. We will set up a live video date for you and her at the cafe. You can watch her and talk to her, live. All of our female members are real people, just like you or your sister. She may be too busy on the day you want to schedule but if so, she can suggest other days. Please give her a few options.
Send the woman of your dreams a quick Kiss Mail. The quickest and the most economical way to say, "Hello." She will write you from her personal e-mail address to correspond with you. If you are literate, order a Regular Address and write her a letter. Many women still prefer the old way and ready your hand writing. You can also invite her to the Live Cafe and watch and talk to her, live, at your office or home. Enjoy the entire day and night at MysticCafe.Com.
 Please call or write and ask us for the party details.
Fun, fun, fun, during white winter! Our Latvian, Russian & Ukrainian woman are ready for a new life with you. Romance Tour is the best way to find the special someone quickly and know her deeply. The women tend to fall in love in Spring because everything is so fresh. Grab this chance and treat yourself a romance tour to meet your destiny. (Click here to see the details of the tour.)

Big AFA Romance Tours may change your life forever!
See the details...Click on Romance Tour

The big AFA Socials were so much fun for guys!
There were so many women than men in 3 memorable social nights. Averaged 5 women to 1 man. Many new women are joining us every week.

The past Romance Tours were great!        Check out the pictures below.

Female members of Mystic Cafe are so excited about meeting men from the US, UK, Europe, and Japan. Many men write to the women of Mystic Cafe but 90% of them never visit Riga to meet the women. Every woman you see on the thumbnails is still very available, hoping for a nice man to visit her and charms her away to his world.
See some pictures from the past Indivisual Romance Tours!

Mystic Cafe with Hollywood!
A Movie about two brothers and a Russian bride was filmed with us,
staring David Arquette, Tim Blake Nelson, Emily Mortimer
Click here to see the detail. Get your DVD and see how they meet Russian women. (right) On a set at our social. (left) Noby and David Arquette at Sun Dance Film Festival.

   Mystic Cafe has no mercy on criminals & scams!

We pick a bad apple and throw it away but we take rotten one to the police. Mystic Cafe staff helped catching scams and took them to a police. Our goal is the 100% scam free environment so you feel safest with us. Not like other agencies in Riga, we check women's passport when they join us. We also keep close contact with them even long after they joined, because they come to our cafe daily to check their e-mails. We talk to them often and update their status at least once every half year. Many women in other sites are our out cast members or already married or moved to other countries. Please be careful! Don't be fooled by their fake pictures. They don't even exist.
Click here to see some the worst scams in detail.

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